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April 2nd POLS- 1100 Persuasive Essay- Electoral College.

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Electoral College Argumentative Essay

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According to the Constitution, the Electoral College is formed every 4 years for the sole purpose of selecting the president and vice president. The Electoral College consists of 537 electors, and an absolute majority of 2760 votes is needed for a candidate to win the election. The electors are distributed across each state.

Electoral College Argumentative Essay

An Essay in Favor of Abolishing the Electoral College.

Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electoral College United States is technically classified as a Republic, not a Democracy? The Electoral College is what separates the United States from being a Democracy and keeps the country in a state of a Republic.

Electoral College Argumentative Essay

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The Electoral College is a highly debated topic in the political world. Mostly because not many voters are knowledgeable on what the voting system to elect a president is. The Electoral College is a voting system that was put in place by the founding fathers back in 1787.


One of the biggest oppositions to the Electoral College system is the possibility of electing a president without the majority of popular votes. One way this could happen is if there were 3 or more candidates that split the electoral votes thinly so that there was not a candidate who received the required majority.

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In three paragraphs describe three (3) arguments that go against your position regarding the Electoral College. This is called addressing counterarguments. Give each counterargument one paragraph. Describe the counterargument and then tell the reader of your essay why that counterargument should be dismissed.

Pros And Cons Of The Electoral College - Free Essay.

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The Electoral College is a system that has been with this country for many, many generations and just like anything it has its pros and cons. The system was wonderful when it was first created because the people of the U.S. did not have the ability to make a smart decision when casting their vote.


The electoral college is far broken than repair, and by replacing it we’ll achieve the benefits of direct popular vote. By abolishing the electoral college, we would be improving our democracy. In the electoral college there is a discrepancy in equality this creates negative effects on the participation of citizens voting.

The electoral college is a system that has been used since 1787 and is an indirect method used to select the president of the United states. There are 538 electoral college votes and a candidate only requires a maximum of 270 electoral votes to win the presidency.


It could be said that the Electoral College was created for a different time in this country, but by some degree of fortune and foresight it is one of the staples of our government today. A definite benefit of the Electoral College has been the squelching of other parties, which in turn has helped to maintain the two-party system and Congress.

Electoral College Argumentative Essay

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Electoral College essay In my view, the Electoral College of electing the United States’ president should be done with; instead, the president should be elected directly through the popularity vote by all citizens rather than 538 representatives. Currently, the President of the United States of America is elected indirectly by the people.

Electoral College Argumentative Essay

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Electoral College Argumentative Essay

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Anti Electoral College Essays. Free 5 paragraph hero essays Posted at 06:28h in Non categorizzato by Essay comparing characters great gatsby 0 Comments. 0 Likes. Anti Electoral College Essays.

Electoral College Argumentative Essay

Get Rid of the Electoral College Essay Sample.

Another weakness of the electoral college system is that it is unrepresentative. In the 2016 election Hillary Clinton won 232 Electoral College Votes losing to Trumps 306 Ecv despite the fact that she won the popular vote by 2.86 million ballots.

Electoral College Argumentative Essay

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Electoral College Argumentative Essay

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Your essay must be at least 500 words longFollow these steps to create an argument in the form of an essayStep 1 In one or two very clear sentences state whether or not the Electoral College should be kept or eliminated This is called writing a thesis statementStep 2 In three paragraphs describing three 3 arguments that support your position regarding the Electoral College Give each argument.

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